Pregnancy Stories: A Guide for Expecting Families


This resource provides information in two streams: one for mothers-to-be (in 40 weekly pages), and one for fathers-to-be (in 9 monthly pages). These streams will help you learn more about the enormous joy and responsibility of pregnancy. You will find information about the baby's development, health and wellbeing tips, information about wha​t to expect through the health care system (for instance, roles of a midwife, and what medical tests you'll have, and why), as well as information from a traditional perspective. This can be viewed online, or if you prefer, the pages can be printed at your convenience.

A family's knowledge about these aspects of pregnancy will empower the expecting mom and dad to choose actions that will encourage a healthy and well pregnancy for them, and for that growing baby. Read about the joyous, challenging, and sometimes humorous milestones to come through the experiences of these characters.